Cyber Security: The Business View - A Dark Reading Virtual Event

Cyber Security: The Business View - A Dark Reading Virtual Event


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Duration 6h 0min

Is your business prepared for a cyber breach?

Join Dark Reading and top cyber security experts for this online event that will offer a comprehensive look at the security-related issues facing today’s businesses – and how you should respond.


KEYNOTE: Understanding Cyber Security’s Impact on Business

Tim Wilson, Editor in Chief, Dark Reading 
Bryan Sartin, Managing Director, RISK Team, Verizon 

A top expert offers an executive-level view on the impact of data breaches, the costs and benefits of investing in IT security technology and skills, and a real-world perspective on how  cyber security fits into the business equation.

KEYNOTE: Your Legal Liability In Cyber Security

Tim Wilson, Editor in Chief, Dark Reading 
Jason Straight, Senior Vice President, Chief Privacy Officer

In this keynote, a top legal expert discusses your liability to customers and partners in a legal breach, how  to avoid security negligence, and your legal standing with cyber insurance companies in the event of a breach.

PANEL: Measuring Real Cyber Security Risk

Kelly Jackson Higgins, Executive Editor, Dark Reading 
John Pescatore, Director, SANS Institute; 
Tom Parker, CTO, Accenture; 
Wade Baker, VP Strategy and Risk Analytics, ThreatConnect

A discussion of the business case for IT security, and how to quantify the risks and costs of your IT security program. We will discuss the costs associated with today’s threats and data breaches, and how you can use threat intelligence and cyber security risk metrics to prioritize costs and defense strategies specifically for your enterprise.

PANEL: Preparing Your Business For a Major Data Breach

Sara Peters, Senior Editor, Dark Reading 
John P. Gelinne, Deloitte Advisory & Captain, US Navy (Ret); 
John H. Sawyer, Managing Security Consultant, InGuardians; 
Roman Brozyna, Chief Information Security Officer, Bit9 + Carbon Black

A quick guide that shows you, step by step, how to build a plan for reacting to a major data breach, including breach detection and remediation, legal liabilities, working with law enforcement, and crisis public relations.

PANEL: How (And Why) Hackers Target Your Business

Marilyn Cohodas, Community Editor, Dark Reading 
David West, Assistant Section Chief, FBI Cyber Division; 
John Terrill, Founder & CEO, Drawbridge Networks; 
Adam Meyer, Chief Security Strategist, SurfWatch Labs

In this panel discussion, experts on cyber threats offer an inside look at the goals of a cyber attack and the methods that hackers use to select and infiltrate targeted companies.

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Tim Wilson
Editor in Chief, Dark Reading

Marilyn Cohodas

Marilyn Cohodas
Community Editor, Dark Reading

Sara Peters

Sara Peters
Contributing Editor, Dark Reading

Kelly Jackson Higgins

Kelly Jackson Higgins
Executive Editor, Dark Reading

Adam Meyer

Adam Meyer
Chief Security Strategist, SurfWatch Labs


Colby Derodeffco
Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, ThreatStream


Satyam Tyagi
Chief Technology Officer, Certes Networks


John Terrill
Founder & CEO,  Drawbridge Networks

John P.

John P. Gelline
Captain, US Navy (Ret)
Deloitte Advisory

John S

John H. Sawyer
Managing Security Consultant, InGuardians

Jason S

Jason Straight
Senior Vice President, Chief Privacy Officer, UnitedLex Corp.

John Pescatore

John Pescatore
Director, SANS Institute


Bryan Sartin
Managing Director, RISK Team, Verizon


David West
Assistant Section Chief, FBI Cyber Division 


Tom Parker
CTO, FusionX


Wade Baker
VP Strategy and Risk Analytics, ThreatConnect


Roman Brozyna
Chief Information Security Officer, Bit9 + Carbon Black


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