Re-Thinking Your Enterprise IT Security Strategy

Re-Thinking Your Enterprise IT Security Strategy

A Dark Reading Cyber Security Summit

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Each year, enterprises spend more money than they have ever spent before on cybersecurity, yet the number of businesses breached -and the number of records lost-continues to grow. What’s wrong with our current enterprise IT security thinking? More importantly, how can we re-shape that thinking to develop better cybersecurity strategies, tactics and technologies?


: 11:00 AM –11:45 AM ET

Re-Thinking The Philosophy Of Enterprise Security
Not so many years ago, IT departments believed they could build a secure “perimeter” and defend it with technology, teach users to embrace and use sophisticated endpoint technology, and develop a layered defense that would stop even the most determined attacker. Today, many of these beliefs are changing. In this eye-opening keynote presentation, a top security visionary explains why these fundamentals no longer apply –and offers some new thinking around enterprise defense.

Keynote: 12:15 PM –1:00 PM ET
Why Security Departments Fail (And What You Can Do About It)
Why do enterprise security technologies and practices fail? Is it the technology that’s failing, or is it people and processes? Most importantly, what can IT organizations do to change this trend? What tools and practices should they keep –and which ones should they get rid of? One of the industry’s leading security thinkers offers some practical advice.

Keynote: 1:30 PM –2:15 PM ET
Preparing A Next-Generation IT Security Strategy
One of the main reasons why information security is so hard to achieve today is that IT itself is changing so rapidly. How can IT organizations build a security strategy that works when so much of the computing environment is outside their span of control? How can security departments implement technologies and practices that will work not only in today’s IT environment, but in tomorrow’s dynamic, multi-dimensional computing world as well? A forward-looking security expert offers some insight on how to develop a “futureproof” enterprise IT security plan.

Panel: 2:45 PM –3:30 PM ET
How To Build And Maintain A Comprehensive Enterprise Security Architecture
When it comes to security, today’s IT organization spends most of its time finding breaches and vulnerabilities and remediating them before the bad guys can find them. But wouldn’t it be more efficient to develop a comprehensive set of tools, practices, and processes –a security architecture –that could provide the basic building blocks of enterprise defense? Top security experts discuss ways that IT organizations can reduce the daily panic by implementing a more well-considered, comprehensive line of defense.

Panel: 3:45 PM –4:30 PM ET
The Future Of The Online Threat
In order to develop a more comprehensive, futureproof IT security strategy, it’s important to know threats are evolving. Where will cybercrime be in three years? In five? What new exploits will attackers be using –and what vulnerabilities will they be seeking? In this provocative panel, forward-thinking security experts will offer a glimpse of the future of online attacks –and how your organization can prepare today for tomorrow’s new exploits.

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