Why Cybercriminals Attack

A day-long look at who your attackers are, how they behave, and what you can do about them

No matter what industry you’re in, the spectrum of cyber attackers who are targeting you is growing. Financially-motivated cybercriminals, nation-state-sponsored intelligence gatherers, politically-motivated hackers, and even your competitors are among those who might be testing your systems today, looking for a way to get in.

In this special, day-long Dark Reading virtual event, top industry experts will offer a range of information and insight on who the bad guys are – and why they might be targeting your enterprise. You’ll learn about emerging threat actor groups, new cyber exploits, and the various methods and motivations behind today’s online attacks. Even more importantly, you’ll learn about current attacker behavior, and how you can adjust your defenses to mitigate current attacks before they affect your systems and data.

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6h 00min

Some of the key takeaways that attendees will get from this virtual event:

  • How cyber criminals choose their victims – what they are looking for and how they use stolen data
  • Methods and motivations of state-sponsored and politically-motivated cyber attackers
  • How the Dark Web is used to store and sell stolen information – and how you can find out if your organization’s data is there
  • How your organization can (and can’t) take offensive action against attackers
  • How “thinking like a hacker” can help you improve your enterprise data defenses


Event Agenda

11:00am Keynote: Who Are Your Cyber Adversaries and Why Do They Want to Hack You?
Whether they are cyber criminals, nation-state-sponsored attackers, hacktivists, or business competitors, your online adversaries have very different skills – and very different motivations – for going after your organization’s data. In this fascinating session, a top cybercrime expert provides insight on the many different adversaries that seek to penetrate businesses online, and how their varying motivations may influence their targets and their methods. You’ll also get advice on how to alter your defenses to best block your most likely attackers.

12:30pm Keynote: How Cyber Criminals Attack
How do online attackers choose their targets? How do they choose the best methods to penetrate your defenses, and how do they move laterally to reach your most critical data? In this revealing session, you’ll get a glimpse of the methods most commonly used to break through enterprise defenses, and how these exploits evolve to extract the specific data that the attacker is looking for. Most importantly, you’ll get some ideas on how you can use this knowledge of cyber criminal behavior to improve your defenses and protect your critical data.

1:45pm Panel: How to Know When You’re Under Cyber Attack
Traditional security tools and monitoring systems can help you identify and block malware and many online attacks. But what about more sophisticated attacks that bypass these outer defenses? How do you know when you’ve been compromised by a sophisticated, well-disguised exploit? In this panel, top experts will discuss the various processes and tools you can use to identify zero-day attacks and complex exploits that may be hidden from traditional security defenses. You’ll also hear about best practices for searching out these sophisticated attacks and detecting them before they can damage your data.

2:45pm Panel: Collecting and Analyzing Intelligence About Potential Threats
Today’s security departments have a wide range of tools and sources for collecting and analyzing known cyber threats and new exploits that may target your enterprise. Derived from a wide range of sources, this “threat intelligence” can be used to help you identify sophisticated attacks on your organization and recognize new threats before they hit your data. In this panel session, expert panelists discuss the best ways to collect and analyze threat intelligence data – including information on the Dark Web. You’ll also learn best practices for prioritizing and winnowing through threat data to identify the attackers and exploits that are most likely to hit your specific enterprise.

3:45pm Panel: How to Respond to Online Attacks and Compromises
You’ve identified what you believe is a compromise of your organization’s systems or data. Now what? In this panel discussion, top security experts discuss the key elements of incident response, including how to tell the extent of a compromise, how to determine whether your systems are still vulnerable, and when to contact law enforcement. You’ll learn about some of the best practices for responding to a breach, what steps should be taken by first responders, and how to limit the impact of a successful attack. You’ll also get some advice on how to use data about the incident to help prevent similar attacks in the future.


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