What to Do When Hackers Attack

A full-day virtual event on detecting cyber breaches and implementing incident response

The worst has happened. Online attackers have penetrated your cyber defenses and are threatening your most sensitive data. What should you do now? In this fascinating and educational virtual event, you will hear advice and recommendations from some of the cybersecurity industry’s top experts and speakers on the critical issues of breach investigation and incident response.

This all-day online conference, produced by the editors of Dark Reading, will help you and your organization prepare for those “very bad days” when you suspect that your mission-critical data has been compromised. Attend the event and you’ll hear about tools and best practices for detecting a breach – even when it’s well-obfuscated – and how to analyze multiple indications of compromise to reveal a sophisticated attack. You’ll also receive first-hand expertise on what to do in the first hours of a major breach, whether to pull the plug on infected systems, and when to call in law enforcement. Best of all, you’ll get expert advice on how to determine the extent of a data compromise, how to stop it, how to remediate your systems, and how to handle legal and business consequences that may follow.

On Demand
6h 00min

Topics that will be covered during the event include:

  • Best practices and technologies for identifying potential data compromises
  • Strategies and processes for recognizing sophisticated attacks that evade everyday defenses
  • What steps to take in the first hour after discovering a suspected compromise
  • Who should be involved in the initial response, and when to bring in third parties or law enforcement
  • How to determine the extent of a breach, and what system/partners may be affected
  • Building a thorough process for system remediation, including partner and service provider environments
  • The aftermath: legal liabilities, cyber insurance, and restoring customer/user confidence
  • Lessons learned: collecting and applying knowledge from data compromises to improve your enterprise defenses

If you want to know more about the do’s and don’ts associated with incident response, as well minimizing the time and cost associated with a major data breach, then this virtual event is for you. Register today!