Strategies for Protecting Mission-Critical Data

A full-day virtual event on tools, technologies, and processes for ensuring the cybersecurity of your enterprise’s most sensitive information

Whether it’s customer lists, intellectual property, or a secret recipe, your mission-critical data is what makes your organization unique – the lifeblood of your enterprise. Yet, with one shrewd exploit, an online attacker – or even one of your own employees – could break the security of that critical information. What steps should you be taking to protect it?

Strategies For Protecting Mission-Critical Data, a free, all-day online conference produced by the editors of Dark Reading, offers a look at the latest tools, strategies, and best practices for protecting your organization’s most sensitive data. You’ll get insight on how to store critical information securely, and how to ensure its security when it is passed across networks. Top security experts will discuss data encryption strategies, on-premises infrastructure defenses, and how to protect mission-critical data across cloud services, network providers, and partner/supplier environments. You’ll get expert viewpoints and recommendations on how to protect your mission-critical data, and advice on how to identify and protect sensitive data that might be handled outside the IT department’s knowledge or control.

On Demand
6h 00min

Among the topics that will be covered at Strategies for Protecting Mission-Critical Data:

  • Processes and best practices for identifying sensitive data across the enterprise
  • Tips and tools for ensuring that even “trusted users” cannot access or exfiltrate important data without authorization
  • The latest technologies and strategies for protecting on-premises infrastructure, including networks, servers, and storage systems
  • Strategies for encrypting sensitive information, both in storage and in motion across networks
  • Methods for ensuring that business partners handle sensitive information as securely as your own users
  • Recommendations for working with cloud operators and other service providers to ensure the security of data traveling across their networks
  • Special steps you can take to provide extra protection for your most essential data and information

If you want to know more about the available tools and best practices for protecting mission-critical data from cyberattack – and get some help choosing the right methods and technologies for your own organization -- then this virtual event is for you. Register today!