Preparing For, Detecting, and Managing a Critical Data Breach

A full-day virtual event to help your organization get ready for that “really bad day” in cybersecurity

There is one nightmare day that all IT and cybersecurity professionals dread: the discovery of a critical data breach. It’s potentially one of the most impactful – yet least predictable -- days that your business will face. And, to a large extent, that impact will be determined by the decisions you make next.

For the most experienced and effective cybersecurity teams, though, that “really bad day” doesn’t come as a surprise. Such teams prepare for security incidents with tools for early detection and processes for incident response. Just as emergency first responders know how to handle a fire or a hurricane, cybersecurity first responders know what to do in the event of a major data compromise. Is your team ready? You can find out by attending Dark Reading’s June 17 event: Preparing For, Detecting, and Managing a Critical Data Breach.

Preparing For, Detecting, and Managing a Critical Data Breach -- a free, all-day online conference produced by the editors of Dark Reading – will help you and your cybersecurity team lay down the groundwork for a mission-critical data breach. You’ll get insight on the steps you can take today to ready your enterprise for a cyber compromise – including the best methods for building and rehearsing a breach response program. You’ll hear about tools and best practices for detecting a breach, even when it’s well-obfuscated. You’ll get firsthand insight on how to build incident response programs that work, even in the face of an all-out cyber attack. And you’ll get advice on how to minimize the impact of a critical breach, and how to begin remediation as quickly as possible.

Among the topics that will be covered at Preparing For, Detecting, and Managing a Critical Data Breach:

  • Strategies for creating and rehearsing an enterprise-wide breach response plan
  • Best practices and technologies for detecting potential intrusions or infections
  • Recommendations for building and managing an incident response plan
  • Methods for limiting the scope and impact of a data breach
  • How to determine the extent of a breach, and what system/partners may be affected
  • Strategies for speeding the remediation process
  • Limiting the costs and liabilities associated with cyber breaches
  • Lessons learned: how to monitor and collect data on future threats

If you want to know more about how to handle a major data breach – including steps you can take today to limit the impact of a compromise tomorrow -- then this virtual event is for you.

On Demand
6h 00min