Cyber Attackers’ Favorite Exploits – and How to Stop Them

There are an infinite number of ways a cybercriminal could attack your enterprise – but only a limited number that will work consistently, affordably, and with a minimum amount of work. Do you know the cyber attacks that will most likely be used against your organization? More importantly, do you know the best methods to mitigate them?

Cyber Attackers’ Favorite Exploits – And How to Stop Them -- a free, all-day online conference produced by the editors of Dark Reading -- offers a look at some of the newest and most prevalent types of online attacks targeted at enterprises. You’ll get a look at some of the latest exploits used by today’s cybercriminals, as well as their methods for penetrating your defenses. Top security experts and researchers will discuss commonly-used methods for cracking business data, as well as exploits that steal user credentials. Best of all, you’ll get advice and recommendations on how to detect, analyze, and mitigate these prevalent attacks, and how to frustrate cyber attackers who try to use them.

Among the topics that will be covered at Cyber Attackers’ Favorite Exploits: And How to Stop Them:

  • An overview of the latest security vulnerabilities in enterprise applications, and how attackers exploit them
  • A look at some of the newest phishing and social engineering exploits, and how attackers might target your employees
  • Insight on how malware is typically deployed, and how it works after it’s infected your systems
  • Details on some of the simplest and most common tricks for cracking enterprise systems and networks
  • Methods for recognizing and mitigating frequently-used online cyber exploits
  • Advice on how to use threat intelligence to prevent trending attacks
  • A look at emerging methods to frustrate and deceive online attackers
  • Recommendations on how to analyze information on emerging exploits, and how to develop a response plan


If you want to know more about the tools, techniques, and practices of today’s online attackers – and get insight on how your organization can detect, analyze, and mitigate them -- then this virtual event is for you.

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6h 00min